For months we have been searching for safe, dried fruit options. Our usual stores do not have many options in the dried fruit area. Usually it’s bulk, the big bins that you self serve nuts, fruit, oats, etc from, which are not safe. The spoon to scoop poses huge cross-contamination risks! The other option is the big brand names, which all produce nuts, so those are not safe either. For the past few years, we have stuck with Raisins (not the yogurt coated, or chocolate coated, those are NOT safe) just plain old raisins.
While bopping around on Downer Avenue today in Milwaukee, we stopped at Sendiks. I love this store. Brings back many memories of when I was an undergraduate, scraping by, trying to eat healthy on a budget. Sendiks has a little of everything and the pricing is good.
Always on the look out for new, healthy, nut-free snacks, we came across this gem. In LOVE and it tastes so fresh. 100℅ natural. No additives. Hoping I can find this in Madison!