Are you done hearing about our nutty life? Lol. I am. So this post will be more about how fun State Fair is, sprinkled in with “how to” with allergies.
Growing up on the south side of Milwaukee, the state Fair was ALWAYS part of our summer. We used to make an entire day of it, meeting many family members at the fair for our annual cream puff fight. We enjoyed seeing the animals, going on rides and eating as much food as we could shove into our tummies. Most importantly, we would celebrate my brothers Birthday, which is August 5. Love you, brother!
Fast forward a few years (ok, more than a few) Doug and I are excited to finally take our own family to the fair and enjoy reliving some childhood memories.
The state Fair website has been really informative and easy to navigate. Here is some useful info:
Wisconsin State Fair         $12 admission

  • August 4-14
  • 8am to 11pm Sunday thru Thursday
  • 8am to 12 am Friday and Saturday
  • 8am to 10pm final Sunday

Cool things on our list to see:

  1. Horse barn
  2. Cattle barn
  3. Swine barn
  4. Young people’s art exhibition
  5. Youth expo hall
  6. Rabbit palace
  7. Main expo center (always has the coolest little gadgets)
  8. Big slide

Safe food for nut-allergic peeps:

  • Saz’s Ribs dinner
  • Saz’s brisket dinner
  • Saz’s pulled pork sandwiches
  • Baked potato in Deryndas Dairy Lane
  • Roasted Corn

I’m working on finding out about the cream puffs, and will post HERE when I know 100%.

Update: after speaking with National Bakery, supplier of the Cream Puffs at State Fair, it is confirmed that they ARE safe to eat from State Fair. There is nothing else manufactured in the same facility that the cream puffs are made in. 100% nut-free, no nuts in any of the ingredients. Cheers! My daughter will have her VERY FIRST BAKERY ITEM EVER! Cross contamination is what we worry about in most bakeries. Thank you, State Fair!👍

A possible safe ice cream is in the Dairy expo center, it’s the Maple Syrup flavored stuff, if they say it’s made in a safe facility, and no nuts are present for toppings, etc. we will probably give this a try!
I thought Dippin Dots were safe, but the nut free websites didn’t think so. Unless they are the prepackaged dippin dots, the cross contamination risk is high becuase they make a peanut butter flavor, and the ice cream scooper is used to serve multiple flavors in a high volume area, like a fair. Thumbs down.
We will come prepared with snacks in a bento box, and not focus on the food, rather the good family time and seeing new things.
Have a great day! Check back for that cream puff update!