The 4th of July weekend is probably my second most favorite weekend of the year. It has been a tradition in our family, ever since I can remember, to meet at the lakefront in Milwaukee and watch the fireworks together. The location and attendees has changed a bit over the years, but the tradition continues none the less.
This year, we are excited to once again have friends and family over to enjoy the fireworks with some easy-to-get-to seats, and good eats.
Speaking of good eats. I’m a dessert person. We were in the middle of making the fruit pizza when I realized I didn’t have a rolling pin. Doug says, ” you could always use your Pearadaxtyl wine bottle.” What a great idea. The chilled wine actually worked great on my warm dough ball and then I also got a nice glass of wine to take the edge off baking. Win win. So, wine bottles can be useful tools in the kitchen. Just be careful so the cork doesn’t come loose!😭
3rd of July Menu:
1. A 5# beef brisket made in the oven with special spice rub. Served with mini Hawaiian rolls (safe list)
2. Homemade macaroni and cheese
3. Tomato vinegar salad
4. Fruit pizza with Pillsbury cookie crust
5. BBQ beans
6. Hot dogs with Sara Lee buns (safe list)
7. Relish trays and snackees (triscuit and cheeses)
8. S’mores brownies for dessert
And whatever else we decide at the last minute “omg do we have enough food” moment. It happens anytime we have company.
I’m sharing the s’mores recipe below becuase I just finished it and it smells amazing!!!
Happy 4th of July.