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Top 10 Summer Snacks

Two kids at home for summer, full-time, and I find myself buying more food than I ever imagined.  They are 5 and 3, almost 3, how much food could they possibly eat?! A lot.

They usually wake up at the crack of dawn ravenous. Carter wakes me up by saying, Maaaaam, hungry. Chloe follows by asking whats for BreafffKist. Adorable.

We serve two snacks per day, 10am and 2pm.

  1. String Cheese and apple slices
  2. Cornbread muffin and banana chunks sprinkled with ferry dust (Quick Bunny Chocolate)
  3. Blueberry muffin and strawberry slices
  4. Watermelon and feta cheese
  5. Hard boiled egg and toast
  6. Waffle slices with Sunbutter
  7. Avocado and tomato with olive oil and salt and pepper
  8. Yogurt tube with seasonal fruit
  9. Popcorn and string cheese and pear slices
  10. Goldfish and grapes

Hope you have a great week – we made it to two parks before 11am today and the kids had a ball!  One of the many reasons I love our neighborhood, lots of parks and bike paths.





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