My Fast Face

Growing up, I never saw my mom leave the house without makeup. She taught me the importance of always looking your best. No matter what.

While I spend a lot of time wearing makeup, I also spend lots of time with no makeup at all. It’s nice to have a break and it feels good.

Why am I sharing my makeup tips? Last week Chloe was digging thru my makeup and I realized that some of my lotion was made with Almond Oil (we had this at a Mani pedis last summer in green bay, too) and I started wondering about the safety of these products.

Well. I’m still investigating my products and they are NOT as safe as I’d like them.

For example, I have some Aveda lip glosses. The official Aveda statement (I’ll post next week along with my full analysis of each makeup product in use) that they cannot guarantee no cross contamination has occurred and NOT use their products if you’ll be in close contact with someone that has one of the major 8 food allergies.

It has taken me HOURS to compile this info, as I see it as my job as a mom to look out for chloe and someday show her the safe makeup brands available. (I’m hot into BeautyCounter right now).

Here they are. My friends in the morning. As a woman, I feel it necessary to start my day with makeup. I look good, feel good and have more confidence when I have my best face on!

I starting from left to right. Whatever I don’t have time for, I stop. My most important items happen first.


1. Daily cleanser and moisturizer from l’occitaine. Also make sure eyes are clean, I use Dior extra sensitive makeup remover.love it.
2. Bare Minerals Prime Time with SPF (silicone based so it’s nice and smooth, plus sunscreen!)
3. Eye brow pencil
4. Lips. Either neutral or bright. I really don’t like lipstick. But as I am getting older, the color looks nice.
If I’m having crazy morning , I stop here. If not, I enjoy my coffee and alone time a little longer and add the MAC bronzer to my cheeks!
5. Eyes, love the Naked 3 pallet by Urban Decay and MAC eye liner.
6. Curl lashes
7. Add mascara. I like Dior Show Waterproof because the formula is a little different and really makes my lashes pop all day. Most mascaras are heavy and my eyes look tired by lunch. Plus, no raccoon eyes, and for the “moments” that happen thru out my day, I can be sappy and not worry. It comes with a cost, though. It is about $25 per tube , and I go thru one tube every three months. To me, totally worth it.


Thanks for stopping by. So far, all of these products listed here have been reported SAFE for big 8 allergies, but the long term effects of the chemicals in these items (especially mascara and the talc in eye shadow) are horrifying and may cause allergies. I’ve thrown out the Aveda lip gloss. I’m not an Aveda fan anyway.


Enjoy your weekend!! The pool is open! Woohoo!


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