Here we are, all packed up, ready to start our 10 hour drive home tomorrow. I debated for a while about blogging or not tonight because I’m a little bummed. But here I am. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly. Life isn’t perfect.
Yesterday the hub’s came down with a bug, so Ive been solo the past twoish days. Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to see an Italian Car exhibition at the local art museum. It was cool. A bit hair raising becuase these cars are VERY rare and in MINT condition. These are cars I’ve never seen on the street. Each car had their own security staff. Carter just wanted to touch the cars of course. So cruising my Cadillac stroller chasing two kids while security is pooping their pants as we try to look at each car. Chloe enjoyed it, but was annoyed that Carter wouldn’t stand still for more than a 1/4 of s second. I had to agree with her. My patience on this trip is as thin as ice right now.
We headed to Jack in the Box to drive thru for chicken (on our safe list) and it took 25 minutes to drive thru. I’m trying to think of things to be grateful for and stay smiling. The woman was very rude to me, but I killed her with kindness.
We left with food in hand, and full gas tank and hungry kids, the hotel is right now the road.
Then all of a sudden a severe thunderstorm happens and I miss my turn. It’s raining so hard cars are pulling over. So I find a gas station to check my GPS. Then my phone battery dies. So I dig thru my purse and NOTHING, not even my valet ticket had the hotel address on it!? Are you kidding me right now? I wait for the rain to slow and get back on the road. Fifteen minutes later, I manage to find my way with two hungry kids. We eat, and go to bed.
Today we got up, and went to Opryland. It was pretty cool. We chose not to tour the Opry House since it was an hour tour at lunch time and Carter would have been a hot mess. Which normally would be OK, but it’d just me and the kids today. We walked thru the hotel grounds which were gorgeous.
The kids got hungry and we found a Subway. The kids are their chips and nothing else. I’m feeling like I’m failing at healthy eating on this trip majorly.

After lunch we stopped at Dave and Busters, and I should have just taken them home. They had a blast playing games. And when the tokens ran out, Carter melted down.
Epic meltdown.
And threw up all over.
We left immediately without cashing in tokens. Two crying kids at this point (chloe is mad about not getting a Unicron) and me trying not to lose my mind as EVERYONE is staring at me. People at Dave n Busters, people in the parking lot, eveyone. I know this happens to everyone. It just stinks when it’s happening.
I drove my naked kid home only to have valet ask me where his clothes were as I half made an attempt at a lunch joke. I was annoyed. What do you think happened? And don’t touch my stroller. I can do it myself. I’m a Northerner and used to doing things independently. Thank you very much.
Carter napped and I did an hour worth of laundry, which was amazing. It was quiet and i got to read my book!
We packed up everything this afternoon for tomorrow and most clothes are clean.
We went down for our free Italian and safe dinner at 5:30. As soon as we sat down Carter dumped a huge glass of lemonade all over our table and chairs.  Slightly annoyed.
After eating we went for a quick walk and back upstairs.
Feeling disappointed (selfish, I know, but I had expectations of BBQ, LIVE MUSIC, beers, etc.) I took the kids for a car ride to see the live music district on Broadway. It was a fun ride. It’s finally cool enough (88*) to drive with Windows down. The kids liked seeing and hearing all the band’s play and people out. We did two twice thrus and my attempt at ice cream failed. The parlor was not safe for chloe and they really didn’t understand food allergies all that much. I’ll pass.
Overall, it’s been a nice get away. A time to see new things, hang woth friends and enjoy some different sights, sounds and smells. I am grateful to have opportunities like this, even though it was revised a million times, going with the flow is essential or you will continue to be disappointed. I’m trying. Really hard. It’s hard when you travel SO much as a couple and you have a routine, then you bring little ones along and want to do the same things, but it’s really not possible, YET. It will come. It is just going to take time. Baby steps. Trying to enjoy this phase. Soon it will be over and I will miss it.
My favorite part of the trip has been walking and holding their cute, but growing little hands. I rarely get to casually walk without a mission and we did that here. Everything happened pretty organically with not much planning (after we moved out of Bungalow 9).
So that’s it. Ill post OK interesting highlights on our way back.
Cheers! Until next time….thinking Canada.