Well, hello again. You know that point on vacation where you just need some alone time and are are just DONE with non-stop stuff. I’m there. But we only have two days left here, so I’m sucking it up (maybe a good coffee and chocolate are in order? Two things I forgot to pack for myself….ugggg what was I thinking?😠). Hoping to have a little down time when we drive into Milwaukee.
Last night’s plans changed a bit. Carter ended up taking a super long nap until 4pm. We walked what seemed like forever in the heat, but was only 15 minutes. It’s hot. Science project hot, 92* hot. Too hot for walking. A stop at Jamba Juice was great with food allergies, even washed everything twice before making Chloe’s FREE smoothie (Tuesdays kids are free).
We walked back to the hotel to check out the free beer and wine hour. It turned out to be almost a whole meal!!!! They had a salad bar, nacho bar, soups, two varieties of wine, and two beers on tap, plus kids drinks. We could have easily spent $60 in a restaurant with what we all ate.
If you’re in the food allergy world, you already know that open “buffet” type meals are ALWAYS a no-no. The staff here brought out all the labels and packaging we needed to see to make a good, safe food decision. Everything turned out to be safe, so Chloe got to participate in her first salad/nacho bar!!!😃😃😃😃
We were so full we didn’t even need dinner. The kids had fun and we hung out for a bit before deciding on having play time and a movie before bed.
This morning we had breakfast in our room and left for Adventure Science Center.
This place is worth the drive to Tennessee alone! It was $56 for four of us. It could EASILY be an entire day here. We lasted 3.5 hours. There is a Subway inside that filled me with GLEE becuase it’s on our safe list. No bento box needed!
Three levels of science fun, plus a Planetarium!

The hotel shuttle took us to and from the center. Nice not to have to pay for parking!
Everyone is napping and we will probably find some local BBQ for dinner and maybe walk around downtown tonight and see all the pretty lights!
We are having a lot of fun, and I’m so grateful for the bugs driving us out of Bungalow 9. This Hilton Homewood Suites has converted me to a Hilton Honors Member. This hotel is so friendly, so nice, so accommodating it’s unbelievable. I’m not sure of its just good old Southern Hospitality, or the Hilton corporation, but I’m not easily impressed by things, and this impressed me! We will definitely seek to stay at these properties in the future. They are also priced well for what you get. The standard room is around $140. Our room, which is actually 4 rooms total, plus two bathrooms and 3 TVs is $250 per night. It’s one of the NICEST hotels we have stayed at and the friendliest. Highly recommend the Hilton Homewood Suites. And no, I’m not being paid to say this. Traveling should be comfortable when you’re traveling with kids. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Side note: I don’t know why I thought this was SO funny, but I laughed my bottom off. We were sitting and waiting for our shuttle with the valet guys when this woman comes out to smoke a cigarette. Carter wouldn’t stop staring. Finally I asked him if he was OK. He shouts, “Fire, FIRE FIRE FIRE. RUN! Fire!” Explain that to a 2 year old!