Finally, a great night of sleep. A feeling we have ALL been looking forward to since Saturday.
Yesterday was our 3rd day of our trip. I kind of gave it away on Facebook, but we ended up moving into a Homewood Suites by Hilton, about 2 miles from Bungalow 9.
First, yesterday was AMAZING. Hanging out with John and Vicky was the best. After a morning of bugs on the floor, crappy homemade breakfast and a shower with pressure so hard you could loose your lady parts, it was so nice to be somewhere comfortable and fun, their home in Franklin, TN. If you’ve never looked at the History behind Franklin, you should. Really interesting Franklin War sites to visit. The city really protects it’s history, you literally drive past old cannons. More
We cooked out, played in the kiddie pool, had a water gun fight,took naps, grilled flank steak, went for  a ride in Vicki’s cool Jeep, and played with John’s 20 year old match box car set.
When we got home at 8:30 and noticed the bugs were STILL in the hardwood floors, I called the owner and thanked her for the exterminator, but asked nicely for a refund to stay somewhere else.
She was great about it.
Here’s the thing. This house is old. They remodeled the kitchen extensively and updated the rest of the house. The hardwoods were original. They were lovely hardwoods, but it was time to say good bye to the foundation of the house. The baseboards did not line up with floor. Floor was uneven and there were spaces in the door jams that went directly outside, I mean, you could see outside. There was no threshold! If you have an old home, and love that charm (bugs, noises, creaky floor, bad shower and no yard) then this house is for you. After dealing with Orkin last week for fruit flies and ants in our OWN home, this wasn’t the charm I was looking for.
At 9pm I called the Hilton and they squeezed is in. We ended up packing the entire house in 30 minutes and managed to have kids in bed by 10pm.(I’m still looking for Skye stuffed animal, btw. Hope she’s somewhere in the van!).
Learned my lesson on that rental.
We are LOVING this place and are excited to walk to Parthenon today. We have free breakfast and cocktails today in the hotel lobby!!!
I’ll post pix later. Crew just woke up.