Remember that “no technology” rule? Yep. That’s gone. We think Carter has motion sickness becuase he ended up getting sick all over the place!
The drive from Champaign to Nashville was fine. Watched a few movies and stopped to eat at Arby’s.
Woah. Arby’s. Totally threw me for a loop by changing the bun on the kids sandwich. Luckily, Arby’s is amazing and has a very elaborate and up to date allergy info sheet. Chloe could enjoy her lunch.
Quick stop in Paducha, KY, for Harley swag for papa Joe.
Last night we checked into our Bungalow and headed over straight away to see friends John and Vicky. Their house is right down the road. What a beautiful drive too!

They made a really nice, nut-free dinner. It was SO NICE to eat real food again!! And Vicky had bubbles for the kids in the patio. Such a fun night. Since Carter blew through his naps today and was still awake at 8pm, we decided to go home early. On the way back to our Bungalow, we stopped at Kroger (huge nut-free section . Thank you!!!! And they have Boars Head meats!) to get a few things and the kids enjoyed a ride in the world’s largest car cart!!!!! And later, Doug took me for a ride in it😂😂😂
So. This brings me to the highlight of our day. Bugs.
I don’t camp, remember?
We got back to Bungalow at 9pm. Put the kids to bed and unpacked groceries. I started to get ready for bed when I reached down to my suitcase on the hardwood floor and noticed a TON of BUGS crawling around. They were small, and all along the baseboards. At this point, I’m exhausted beyond exhausted. I start to freak my freak out.
This trip has been in the making for MONTHS. The hard work, research, packing etc. And there ARE BUGS IN MY ROOM. This 5 day rental was $1200. I didn’t PAY FOR BUGS!!!!
I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid that they might be bed bugs.
Doug and I took everything off the floor and moved it to dining room. I sent the owner a message. By now it’s midnight. There is nothing to do except sleep.
We decided to share the couch. Another crappy nights sleep.
So. Here we are waiting for an exterminator. I’m 99% sure I’m looking for the closest hotel to move my stuff too and pray to God these aren’t bed bugs.
Always something. Always. Stay tuned for what happened tomorrow!!!!