Day 1: We left the house, after what seemed like a month of packing, and headed toward our first stop, Champaign, Illinois. This was a little over 4 hours and the longest the 4 of us have ever spent in the car together. While we have done a bit of travelling with the kids, this is our first real road trip with them.
Along the way, we only stopped at McDonalds’ since I trust their bathrooms most and it’s on our “safe snacking list.”
The kids did AMAZINGLY well in the car, thanks to these one-step ahead smushy trays. I was hesitant on the purchase, but well worth it to keep them occupied. My goal for the trip is NO TECHNOLOGY (for the kids) and yesterday was a success.

Champaign just creeps up out of a cornfield in Illinois. I have to say, I am impressed. This little downtown area we are in is THRIVING. We are at the new Hyatt Place near University Ave. We easily walked 4 blocks and saw about 10 different amazing (kind fancy) restaurants to eat at. We ended up directly across from our hotel at what I consider upscale pub food. They had something we all wanted.
Chloe and I swam in the hotel pool while Doug and Carter hung out and we ended the night with snuggles and Curious George.
Today, I m the first one up hanging out in our small living room area away from these adorable sleepers.  We will probably enjoy the FREE continental breakfast (safe cereal and fresh fruit for Chloe) and make our way to our Tennessee Bungalow.
I got to put my college RA skills to work last night. At midnight we were awakened by some youthful drunkenness next door to us. The noise persisted and my blood pressure was through the roof with how loud and inconsiderate these “kids” were being. I marched over And pounded on the door. I said, “look, we are directly next door, share a wall and are trying to sleep with a baby(Carter is still baby, right?!😂). They turned it down asap. Thank God. Then I felt guilty, like I had ruined their fun, and how old I must be getting for complaining about hotel room noise. Ugh. Over it.
Now, just counting down the minutes until family wakes up, and we can go enjoy some FREE STARBUCKS COFFEE!
…on the road again!😃