Have you ever had a million things running through your mind at once? Yes. We all have. Personally, I find it helpful to just write it all down. Making lists helps me de-stress, unclutter my brain, free my mind and focus on what’s really important; the needs of my family.
If you follow me on Instagram, you see my week usually planned out for food, the refrigerator chalkboard doors are my go-to. On the right side is menu items and left side is usually snack ideas or “to-do” items.
I also keep a paper planner to randomly jot down, “pick up Rx, get gas, Mani/pedi, send card, vacuum car” and so on. If it’s out of my head, I don’t worry about it. It’ll get done eventually. And no, I cannot draw. Is that supposed to be a guitar? Good lord.
(Please don’t judge my list. This is not all inclusive. I do grown up things, too, like pay bills, housework, trim bushes, etc.)
1. For that busy time, right before you leave, like the week OF your trip, eat off paper plates. Less dishes means less clean up and more time for packing and laundry!
2. Speaking of laundry, make a few days “Pajama Day” to focus on cleaning the clothes you need for your trip and packing.
3.  Pack the kids suitcases (as much as you can) one week in advance. This gives you time to pack your own bag and pick up any necessary items before you leave.
4. Do a “toy rotation” a few weeks before your trip and pack the old toys in a small box to take along. (We just did this)😉
5. Make meals with stuff from your fridge or freezer, minimize meal times and clean out the fridge at the same time. This will also save time at the grocery store (this week, I bought the minimum stuff to get by).
6. Ok I lied, here’s an extra tip. Plan relaxation time before your trip, during your trip and after. This could be Mani/pedis, massage, a solid work out, an hour walk outside, lunch with friends, anything that takes you away from the normal, everyday stuff. I should also include wine here. Make sure you have some of that, too. Oh Seghesio, I do love you.😘
We built in “rest” days to our last vacation to Disney and it was amazing. So nice to not have a schedule for a few days in such a crazy, busy environment. It made it feel like a relaxing trip.
Wherever you are headed this summer, have a great time. And if you forget to pack something, you can probably buy it when you get there if you really NEED it. And don’t forget to stop an smell the roses.