Happy Thursday! This week has surged ahead of me. Big shout out to all the Nurses who work their butts off every single day! Your work is appreciated so much. Special thanks to the Nurses that my husband works with that make his day smooth and work so hard with such a challenging patient base. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Quick update here. As I’ve made a few trips to Target, I’ve started putting together our road trip snack items. This isn’t what I consider super healthy. It also isn’t super terrible. I think it’s right in the middle of “that’s not so bad.” Rewind 15 years, and this pile would consist of Mountain Dew, Swedish fish, Corn Nuts and Rolos. Taking a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle, I’ve decided to trade some of those really sugar filled treats for quazi healthy choices. Although these Target fruit rolls, while made with natural fruit and ingredients, are packed with sugar. As much as a soda. Thumbs down. But OK for road food. I guess.
Everything can be found at Target. Everything here is nut free and made in a facility without nuts!
I selected the stainless steel kid travel mugs to avoid nasty plastic chemicals and straws. The biodegradable bowls will be nice for breakfast in the hotel room with mini boxes of cereal.
The last super cool Target find this week (shhh. It’s hiding in the laundry room) a picnic blanket that I’ve been eyeing since Chloe was born. It has a nice coating so you don’t get wet buns.

In essence. It’s waterproof

As I’m on the phone with Gigi, she’s laughing at me and my dorky blog post.
Anyway. Carter is peeking at me from the top of the stairs as he is SUPPOSED TO BE NAPPING. Argh. Back to the grind.
Please tell me your go-to travel items and snacks!!!!😃😃😃
And happy engagement anniversary! On this day, May 2008, we sat on the 7th bench at the Louvre in Paris and he asked, “Will you marry me?” We celebrated on the train to Amsterdam and partied like rockstars when we got there. Such a good memory. Xo