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Switch it UP!

It’s Spring, and that means spring ahead. Spring forward. Change. Switch it up. Try  something new. Challenge yourself. Start again. Renew. Refresh.

Today on our outing to Brennan’s Farm Market on the west side of Madison, we discovered a new treat that is 100% nut-free and pre-made. This is such a time saver and lunch box game-changer for us. The snack is a small cookie-like shape called “Somersaults” and they come in a variety of flavors. Basically, they are crunchy sunflower seed bites.

We bought two kinds at $4.99 each. The bag is pretty substantial, about 60 pieces. They are healthy. Nothing artificial added and 100% vegan, certified + NON-GMO.  The kids and I opened the Dutch Cocoa flavored bag first and they were delicious!  Chloe loved them, Carter was undecided. They reminded me of chocolate covered almond balls that I used to make. So good – high in iron and protein.

I love that these treats are made in the USA, and the company is based out of Sausalito, CA (a personal favorite place of mine).

When school resumes next week, we’ll be switching up the lunch box/bento box to include some of these tasty, yet healthy nut-free treats.  And with our road trip right around the corner, I’ll be adding these to our car cooler packing list.  We’re trying hard to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into everything we do. But of course there will be the standard Sour Patch Kids and Gummies! So glad we found these treats today!

Whatever comes your way this Spring, I hope it’s new and exciting! Cheers to a fresh start.


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