Spring Break. What’s That?

So many people that we know are enjoying this week of Spring Break some place tropical. It’s going to be a quazi decent week here in Wisconsin, so I’m hopeful to have some outside time with the kids. Of course, I wish we were going some place fun + far away. We’ve thought about the Atlantis, East Coast, Florida, and a few others. However, we’ve decided to stay low-key this year. And LUCKILY we decided to stay home, too. This morning our youngest guy woke up at 2am sick.

He didn’t really sleep after that, so I’m pretty tired. Doug rallied the troops this morning, made us all breakfast, coffee and cleaned up. Then he realized I’m home with the kids all week and did MY USUAL SUNDAY PLANNING FOR ME. How nice is that?! I think he does enjoy planning the food + shopping for it, but it was still very nice of him to do it for me! What a time saver.

We have a giant chalkboard in our kitchen and on Sundays we talk about what we want to eat for the week as a family. Monday’s are always grocery shopping days where we stock up and prepare for the week. I enjoy doing this, but I was completely exhausted this morning, so having Doug do it, is a really nice break. Plus, we can just focus on being healthy, and maybe having some fun later in the week.

Anyway, if you’re interested in my weekly meal plans, I post them on instagram on Sunday nights. Most of the recipes come from Cooking Light and Food Network magazine because that’s my cooking level. I’m not a cook. I’m not a chef. I just like to make good food for my family to eat that is healthy.

I don’t always get it right. But I try. Really hard. Cooking is an art and science and takes a LOT of practice. I read a lot and watch a fair amount of cooking shows, and YouTube videos on specific things I’d like to learn to make. It takes time, and patience, and I don’t always have that with the kids in the kitchen, too. It’s really hard sometimes to make the menu actually come to fruition. Some weeks my plan goes completely out the window and we have pizza, breakfast for dinner and take-out. But, each week starts again, and I try again to make the plan and stick to it (as Elephant and Piggie would say).

Happy Spring Break – As I catch up on some sleep, I’ll post my Easter Brunch  + Dinner menu with photos on insta to follow it up.


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