Mom Things

Fun Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday. It’s been a LONG week – our furnace decided to stop working and it’s been a hectic week trying to find pricing, information on a new one because the cold temps start again next week.

As a room parents at Chloe’s school, I’m responsible for helping with activities in her class, and most importantly, the snacks!

Preparing for the Preschool of the Arts (PSA) Fundraising Gala in April, the room parents decided to collect a small amount of money to create a silent auction basket.  So last night during our usual Thursday Date Night, Doug and I found ourselves eating a very delicious meal at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, then shopping at World Market for the perfect basket + contents for PSA.

Long story short, World Market was WONDERFUL to shop at. Almost ALL of their products had a very clear listing of what was nut-free, or not. This made building a basket very easy and fun – there is a lot to choose from. Hopefully our cute little basket will help raise a little money for the future of PSA.

Cheers to the weekend!


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